Top 3 Sports Movies You Must Watch

Movie lovers never get bored by watching movies. They always have some movies on their watch list. If you are looking for some best movies based on sports then will you find several lists with dozens of films? Some are worthy of watching but some are not. These are all hooligan movies that contain typical scripts, themes, rivalry, revenge, and redemption. Besides good storytelling, there is an emotion in every film which will catch you.

Keeping in mind that your time is precious and only worthy things deserve your attention, here we have brought the top three sports movies of all time that will surely blow your mind. When you watch a movie, you get to live a life. So, let’s take a look at the top the sports movies of all time;

1. Raging Bull

It is probably the best sports movie that you have ever watched. It is ranked 8.2 by the IMDb. This movie is a masterpiece of the ’80s directed by Martin Scorsese and produced by Robert Chartoff. This movie beautifully portraits the life of a boxer named Jake LaMotta. His anger and aggressiveness take hip to the top place in his field but at the same time destroys him in his line. Robert De Niro plays the character of Jake on screen and again he proved his mastery. You must watch the deadly combination of Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese as soon as possible.

2. Million Dollar Baby

This is a movie with an 8.1 IMDb rating where you get to see the most perfect trio of actors like Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman, and Clint Eastwood. Million Dollars Baby is a movie where women choose the profession of boxing and trains under a hard coach to take boxing as a professional career. The struggle of women in contemporary society is beautifully shown in this movie. You should watch this movie and feel the pain of sacrifice.

3. Green Street Hooligans

This movie was written and directed by Lexi Alexander in the year 2005. This movie stand on a 7.5 IMDb rating with 4 award wins. Elijah Wood plays the character of Matt Buckner in this movie who gets expelled from Harvard under wrong allegations. The main story revolves around Buckner getting introduced to football hooliganism after moving to London. This is one of the best authentic, absorbing and existing hooligan movies of all time.